Implantation Service Provider With over thirty years of history,
Leonard Kroko, Inc. is one of the
most experienced in the business.
Semiconductor Device Fabrication

Leonard Kroko, Inc. is an ion implantation service provider.

For 30 years we have provided custom ion implant service to the semiconductor industry, research and development community, and organizations with non-semiconductor applications. We serve both domestic and international universities, research and development facilities, and semiconductor manufacturers.

Our dedicated engineers not only perform all implants, but also develop the techniques and tools to perform your ion implant requests. This intimate knowledge of the implant process and of our equipment allows us to provide specialized solutions for a wide range of clients and industries.

Leonard Kroko, Inc. offers a variety of unique ion implantations with precise doping accuracy. In addition to standard ions, we offer over 60 exotic ions for implantation. We have the ability to process full wafers as well as wafer sections for prototype development and pre-qualification processes.

Whether you have unique process parameters or special ion implantation requirements, our staff is ready to assist you. Our experience with a wide variety of substrate materials and dopants is your assurance that we do our best to accommodate your request.

Leonard Kroko, Inc. is family owned and operates in Orange County, CA. Our facility operates three implanters, two Varian and one Accelerators Inc. Please telephone, e-mail, or fax your implant parameters and we will be glad to discuss our capabilities and share our insights with you.

Ion Implant Services

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