Ion Implant Services
Leonard Kroko Inc Leonard Kroko, Inc. is an ion
implantation service provider with
over thirty years of commitment to
the wafer processing community.
Ion Implantation Service
Our Customers Experience Customer Support Engineering
We're proud to provide ion
implantation services to:
Individuals, R&D Teams,
Industry, Universities,
Government, Space, and
International Customers.
With over thirty years
of business experience and
many thousands of successful
ion implantation jobs
performed, Leonard Kroko, Inc. is one of the most
knowledgeable ion
implantation service providers.
Leonard Kroko, Inc, is
experienced in all of your ion
implantation requirements.
We utilize SIMS standards
and have a history of support
and implementation for
small-scale specialty projects
and experimental
development of sample
We have heated stage
implant capability as well as
fixture adaptations for your
custom processing. With
expert handling of your
wafers throughout the implant
process, Leonard Kroko, Inc. is
committed to perfect ion

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